How Our Berries Grow

image: all natural

All Natural

In the nursery the young strawberries and raspberries are planted in quality compost mixed with imported fertilizers. This gives the young plants the perfect nutrient balance to ensure they are healthy and vigorous before being moved to rows of hanging gutters in the larger greenhouses. Here they flourish until the ripened fruits are harvested. Our well-trained female pickers pick each berry with tender loving care and all strawberries are sold with their crowns intact, unless otherwise requested.


image: the bees do it

The Bees Do It

The bees are an essential part of the process; without them there would be no fruit. The hundreds of hives in the greenhouses are tended by our master beekeeper. Bees are fragile creatures and can only exist in a natural environment. Their sole duty is to pollinate the flowers and this can only be done in an environment free of harmful pesticides.

Yellow and blue sticky ‘flags’ are used to attract any undesirable flying insects, the different colours attracting different pests. Benign predators take care of other unwanted ‘visitors’, like thrips in the flowers and mites on the leaves.


image: always as fresh as can be

Always As Fresh As Can Be

After the berries are picked they are taken straight to the packing area and chilled before being sorted and selected for packing into punnets. The berries are individually and gently placed on bubble padding in high-quality clear, plastic punnets specially imported from Europe. They are then transported by refrigerated truck to our distribution centre in Jakarta. From the centre they are delivered to supermarkets, hotels, bakeries, retailers, air and seaports for freighting to our regional and overseas customers.

Because of our modern post harvesting facilities, Allseasons Holland guarantees the berries will stay fresher longer giving them an increased shelf-life – an attractive benefit for retailers.