So Berry Healthy

image: all berries great and small.

All Berries Great and Small.

Berries are so much more than pretty looking decorations on cakes and desserts. Perhaps they look so enticing and delightful because they are packed full of so much nutritional goodness and compared to other fruits and vegetables they have many health benefits — especially if you enjoy them fresh, the way nature intended!

Aside from fibres and vitamins (especially vitamin C) berries have a wide range of potent phytochemicals. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all contain powerful antioxidants as well as anti aging protection from degenerative diseases.

Edible berries are wonderful. Though each kind has its own distinct attributes, they are all ‘berry, berry healthy’. They are also great mixed with other berries. Whether made into juices or simply tossed with sugar, our ‘All Seasons Random Mix’ packs are delicious. Try some then you’ll know why they are so popular.


Are All Berries Free from Chemical Pesticides?

Yes, in their natural state wild berries usually are. With cultivated crops the problem comes in countries that do not have stringent and enforced safety standards regarding the use of toxic, chemical pesticides. Allseasons Holland has analytical proof of certain brands being sold which would never meet the stringent standards set by Global G.A.P. in Europe and Japan.

Chemical pesticides are not just on the surface. They are deep inside the flesh and no amount of washing will remove them. When eaten, the harmful chemicals are consumed along with the nutrients – not exactly a healthy trade-off! These harmful chemical pesticides can cause cancer!

As the body may never expel these poisons, they build up over time. The process may take years but it means children are especially vulnerable. You can even smell the chemicals from some berries. So be sure the berries you buy are free from all harmful pesticides.

We at Allseasons Holland BV take every possible precaution to grow our berries as naturally as possible using non-chemical, non-toxic methods. We use benign, natural predators and sticky flags to eliminate pests. This is nature fighting nature, producing the healthiest berries in the safest environment. The bees, which pollinate the flowers, are living proof of this. Harmful pesticides would quickly kill these fragile creatures.


What is Global G.A.P?

Global G.A.P. is an organisation that sets the highest food safety standards in the world, even more stringent than ISO. Because of their high standards, consumers in Europe and Japan are amply protected when they buy fresh fruit and vegetables. You are too, when you buy our brands.


PT. Strawberindo Lestari is Certified by Global G.A.P

We are proud of it and you can be reassured by it. We are probably the only berry grower in Asia holding this certification. That is why we confidently recommend you buy the healthiest berries on the market, All Seasons, Celebrations, Sweethearts. This way you can be sure your family is getting none of the dangerous chemical poisons but only the full natural goodness, keeping them healthy, and safe, for years to come.

Check out the website of your favourite berry producer (if it’s not us!) and see if they have credible certification.