Our Commitments

image: grown by mother nature

Grown by Mother Nature

The world, rightly so, has become more conscious of global warming and what the individual can do to reduce greenhouse gasses. Allseasons Holland contributes in a number of ways. By filling our reservoirs using run-off rainwater, thus being self-sufficient for purposes of irrigation. By having our own compost system, an insecticide-free environment and a production method that is basically as old as mankind itself, we make full use of Mother Nature. What could be more natural than the way we grow our berries?


image: the global gap standard

The Global Gap Standard

Europe and Japan have the highest consumer protection standards in the world, much higher than any other country, including ISO from the USA. In Europe no product may be sold to any supermarket without Global G.A.P. approval. While Global G.A.P. sets the world’s highest standards it also has the lowest tolerance in the use of pesticides.




It is not only the product that has to comply. In order to be certified, safety and environmental standards, the worker’s welfare, hygiene and other social responsibilities are also taken into consideration. Very few companies in S.E. Asia meet the tough and rigid standards of Global G.A.P. PT. Strawberindo Lestari, managed by Allseasons Holland BV, is very proud to be the only berry producer in Indonesia, and probably in Asia, with Global G.A.P. certification.


image: the healthiest brand of berries

The Healthiest Brand of Berries

An Indonesian brand meeting the highest food safety standards in the world is really reassuring. The harmful, carcinogenic properties of pesticides are well documented, so with no harmful pesticide chemicals  ‘All Seasons’, ‘Celebrations’ and ‘Sweethearts’ are certainly the healthiest brands to stock, and this is important, because strawberries and raspberries have always been children’s favourites. Stock up on our berries today so more families can enjoy the delicious taste sensations – All Seasons. All Natural. Always.