About The Farm

image: about the farm

High in the Hills

The farm in the hills of Puncak is on the slopes of a dormant volcano about a hundred kilometres southeast of Jakarta, Indonesia. Its climate is ideal for growing berries all year round. Today a variety of berries are grown on the 24-hectare farm.

Three sites are under cultivation while two others are under development. To date there are 11 greenhouses covering seven hectares, containing over 80,000 mother plants, 200,000 seedlings and over one million fruit-bearing plants. The plants are grown in modern, hi-tech, imported greenhouses with computer controlled climate and irrigation systems.

Reservoirs, filled during the rainy season, hold well over 50,000 cubic metres of water, sufficient for watering the plants during the dry season. An additional 30.000 cubic metre reservoir is under construction to meet further expansion plans.


image: our team of happy workers

Our Team of Happy Workers

Starting with 40 people we now have over five hundred employees, making Allseasons Holland the largest employer in the district. All our pickers and packers are thoroughly trained to Global G.A.P. standards thus ensuring that the fruit is always correctly and hygienically handled. The majority of our workers are female (the fruit appreciates their gentle touch!) and to cover future expansion there is ample supply of potential labour in the region so there will be no shortage of workers as business grows.


image: a farm, not a factory

A Farm, Not A Factory

Although our name is Allseasons, we do have to contend with a dry and a wet season.

This means more harvesting in the dry season and less in the wet season. During the dry season we harvest strawberries twice a day and raspberries four times daily. In the wet season harvesting is about half this amount or less. Further expansion on the farm will help improve the situation, after that there is little that can be done until we control the weather!